And the winner is…


Congratulations on discovering that WordPress might just be the ideal platform for building your website!

WordPress is perfect for those who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to make their site exactly what they want it to be. Here’s why WordPress stands out as a top choice for your website.

Here's why WordPress may be a good fit for you:

  • WordPress allows you to customize till the cows come home—there’s a plugin for almost everything!

  • It’s best for SEO, so you’re more likely to get better search engine rankings from sites like Google.

  • You’re the boss of your site, and you own all the content. If you want to move to a new hosting company, just grab your site and take it with you.

  • There’s a huge support community and a plethora of YouTube videos with people willing to help each other out.

  • WordPress is likely the cheapest to get started since WordPress itself is free and hosting is very affordable.

  • Keep in mind that there’s a bit of a learning hill to climb at first. It requires a bit of tech-savvy and a willingness to handle regular updates and maintenance.

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