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I’m Shelly Hill, and I help entrepreneurs like you create your own website so that you can attract your ideal customer, and ultimately increase your impact, influence and income.

Have you been daydreaming about leaving your 9-to-5 job to pursue that business you’ve been thinking about for years? Do you feel stuck and not sure where to even start? I’ve been there! I started my career as a computer programmer in a large corporation with cubicle offices as far as you could see. I thought this was what I wanted to do for my entire career. That was, until we had kids, and I realized that my career was running my life. I was missing out on my kids’ activities and not feeling in alignment with my purpose.¬†

My Aha! Moment

My aha! moment came one day when I picked up our then one-year-old daughter, Lauren, from daycare. She was wailing in a bouncy seat, all by herself. When I went to pick her up, I noticed that she was burning up. I immediately took her to the doctor where she had a fever of 104 and was diagnosed with RSV. I called the daycare and told them she wouldn’t be coming back – EVER – and I made a decision at that moment that I would find a way to work from home so I could be with her and our then five-year-old son Alec.

And so my research began – how to work from home. I was willing to do anything – medical transcripts, virtual assistant, freelance programmer. And then I stumbled across an article titled 50 Steps to Build a Home Based Web Design Business. My prayers were answered! And although I had zero training on web design, and really had no idea what I was in for, I was bound and determined to figure it out! I religiously followed the steps in that article, and within a few months I started my new web design business Front Porch Design. That was in June of 2001.

I successfully ran this business for over two decades, building websites for dozens of businesses, both large and small. My clients included home builders, holistic health practitioners, yoga studios, marriage preparation, a multi-state high school trapshooting league, and many more. A lot changed in the world of web design over those two decades. The most significant of them were the tools that we used to build websites. When WordPress was introduced in 2003, it changed everything. For many reasons, I quickly adopted it as my platform of choice for my clients. Most importantly, because it gave them the ability to make their own content changes to their website, without having to pay, or wait for, a web designer to make the change for them. This was a game changer for sure!

Paying It Forward

In thinking back about the article that I miraculously found, there are two things that have stuck with me all these years. The first was that I couldn’t believe that someone would take the time to write an article like this when they weren’t getting anything in return. They were doing it purely to help other people. I have often thought about that, knowing that someday I wanted to pay it forward and do something similar. Over the coming months, I am going to be doing just that. I have been working on a variety of free tutorials and guides to help people build and optimize their websites for their own businesses. Watch for them in your inbox by getting on my email list now.

The second thing that struck me was that, although this article helped guide me to the resources that I needed to start my business, I often found myself lost and feeling paralyzed in trying to sort through all of the options, misinformation on the Internet, and just general confusion on what to do. What I really wanted was a mentor to help me figure it all out. Someone to guide me through the process, and tell me step-by-step what I needed to do next. This is what inspired me to create a live online coaching program to walk people through the process of building a website, step-by-step, using the same blueprint that I developed and used over the two decades that I ran my own web design company.

Why work with me?

The simple answer is – I’ve been there. For over twenty years, I was in the trenches building websites. Weeding through alll the options and a sea of conflicting information.¬† Staying on top of (what seemed like) hundreds of Google algorithm changes, too many technology changes to count, ecommerce changes, the list goes on and on.¬†Figuring out what my clients needed so that they could get on with their business. I feel called to share that information and knowledge with my fellow entrepreneurs. I know what you need, and I can help you get there.

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